How to be Better at Golf


Long gone are the days when golf was a game for the professionals. It is a nice fun game and a perfect way to socialize in the weekend afternoons. The fact that you are playing golf for fun, however, is not enough an excuse for being bad at it. Understanding all the rules and techniques will not only make you good at it but also increase the much you enjoy the game by cutting down on the frustrations. Here are some timeless tips that will help you achieve the dream.

Choosing the right club

There is an absolute relationship between a club's size and shot distance. The notion that a short club is good for short distances and a long one for long distances is an empty myth. You need to understand other factors that play an integral role in the choice of a golfing club other than the distance you need to cover. For instance, the wind and obstacles along the way should influence your choice. You will need to settle a club that gives you enough power to overcome these challenges. Read for tips on how to clean golf clubs.

A proper swing

Some Fun fairways golfers are of the opinion that whacking the ball as hard as possible will take it further. This is not true. If you use more force than you can control, you are bound to affect your stance and swing hence distorting your impact. This will result in a slice or fresh air shot. The ball will not go as far as you wish, let along the direction you would have had it go. Learn how to control all your swings before taking the time to add some aggression and energy into every swing.

Understanding the wind

Playing in the wind could be tricky. This is so because some will focus on playing against the wind, not with the wind. Do not hit the ball hard to oppose the wind. You have to play with an open mind. Use it to drift the ball to your target at all times.

If the wind is blowing in from the right, a curving shot skewed to the right will land you in the fairway faster than a hard straight shot. Watch the wind and adjust all your shots to accommodate its gusto and direction.

It will take time before you can play as a pro. You need to be patient and have the will to keep on improving.

Understanding the basics at and going over the common myths that plague the golf course will help you stay focused for long enough.